Fish Asian Recipes

·         Ingredients

1 kg of freshwater fish
100 g green beans
10 stalks chives
2 tsp Chinese peppercorn
1 tbsp lime juice
4 onions
8 red chilies
A little saffron
5 macadamia nuts
2 stalks lemongrass
7 sweet basil leaves
2 cm ginger
Salt to taste

·         Directions

1.    Mix all the spices including the crunched Chinese peppercorn.
2.    Put some lemongrass and seasoning that has been mixed into the frying pan. Then put the fish on it.
3.    Lay the fish on top of the mixture and put the remaining spices on top of the fish.
4.    Cook until the fish is half cooked.
5.    Add the green beans, chives, and sweet basil on top of the fish. Cover the pan and continue cooking until there is no more liquid.

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